Grad School

This blog has been a tad quiet. Yeah.I'm in Grad School. At 52 years of age.18 months ago, I started a Masters program at UCF for Marriage and Family Counseling. I've been working full time and doing school full time, concurrently. I'm exhausted. I have four more classes and 600 hours of internship to do …


You are and always have been My Beloved. That is enough.

No more hiding.

We are the protectors of the weak, not protectors of the biggest tithers.

Pleasant surprise…

This is gonna be a great experience.

Mission Statement

I believe that going back to UCF for my masters is more than just going back to school. I believe that I will be able to help people - even while learning how to help people. So I decided to create a mission statement of what I think the purpose of this season in my …


I have been working towards getting selected to enter the UCF Marriage, Children, and Family Counseling Masters degree program. I got my acceptance letter and just officially accepted the invitation!