The husband of a great woman.

I am a happy man.

I’m also a Technical Writer and Generalist for a software company in Orlando, FL.

Best of all, I am the husband of a great woman.

She’s my best friend.

She laughs at my jokes.

…and she’s easy on the eyes…

We have two awesome, sweet, funny, adorable, and happy kidlets… well, not so “kidlet” anymore.

I’m also pretty handy, so anything my wife wants I can build it – given enough time and toys.

Oh, and I love my wife…

a lot.

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  1. Itzy & Gio Bruno says:

    I hoped she melted! That is awesome, but to say not surprising you have always written to her or at least how I remember. 🙂 Congratulations on 15 years! May the Lord bless you always. Can’t wait to see you all in Dec.
    love, Itzy & Gio


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