Today is a good day.

My conversation in the elevator this morning.

The Real Thing

We don't have faith in the second-hand. We have faith in the Real.

A Kind Word… “abortion.”

Abortion is such a kind word... it's the annihilation of human life. Pastor Voddie Baucham talks about abortion and what it means.

Personal best.

I was running tonight. (well, technically some might call it jogging) No music to motivate me. (I run to disco... hey, it works) No audio book to entertain me. (My headphones broke halfway through the first mile.) So instead, I spent the time praying and meditating on where I am in my life. Evaluating my …

Where my head is at.

If you see God's hand in it, look ahead to where you're going.

Grieving the Giver

A hypothetical man—let’s just call him Alan for the sake of expediency—was praying to God one day. “Father God, why is it that You never give me any really cool spiritual gifts? I do what You ask. I go to church Sundays, Wednesdays, Men’s meetings, Father/Son events, Couple’s Group. My wife and I even lead …

Life: Interrupted

It was... ...a long day at work—ten hours. Arriving home, I discovered things in a shambles. Dinner not started. Dishes not done. And my wife still working feverishly in her office to satisfy a deadline commitment. There was a time when I would have just said, “Let’s go out for dinner.” But in today’s economy, …

God Loves You!

' The second I read this... heart broke. Not that I doubted the Love of my Father God, but everyone loves to hear / read those words once in a while and I'm no different. I did not write any part of this. It is a compilation of Bible verses from both the Old …