To Mature Believers…

You are saddened when these whom you have helped seem to drift away from you to others.
You feel the loss.
I understand that.
Do not feel that you are a failure, or undesirable or have done anything wrong because of what you see.
That person had a need.
You were not their need.
I was.
You did not satisfy their need.
I did… through your hands.
You are my beloved.
So are they.
Know that I am still fulfilling their needs even now… even if you aren’t the hands doing it.
You were there when they needed Me in a certain way.
Because of your faithfulness in being My hands, they are now stronger and feel free to associate with others.
Your willingness to be My Safe Place gave them a harbor in a storm.
That storm is now past.
The harbor does not feel a loss when ship it has protected, leaves.
It sees the opportunity and makes room for other ships when the next storm comes. You are a safe harbor.
Be satisfied in knowing I WILL send others to your harbor when storms arise.
I love you.
I will not forsake the gifts I have given you.
Be satisfied in ME.
Be satisfied in My Love.
Be satisfied in My trust in your love to me.
You are and always have been My Beloved.
That is enough.

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