A worshiper of Jesus Christ, I wear His brand…
The Brand of One who has bought and paid the price of my salvation.
I don’t proclaim to be anything greater than a fellow brother in Christ.
But if I have knowledge that can help you grow in your connection to the King, it my pleasure to share with you.

This for my wife, my son, my daughter… and for you… and always for me as well.

I learn from men and women of the Salt and Light Brigade who I believe are tuned into God’s vision for their lives, the voice of the Holy Spirit that guides within them, and who I believe are honorable under-shepherds in today’s church.

What I learn, I don’t want to forget… ergo,  Branded by The One.

May God bless your heart as well.

-Alan Mowbray


Mini Bio:

Founder, President, and lifetime member of his wife’s fan club, Alan Mowbray enjoys loving on his two kids, building stuff, Mini Cooper and Ford 7.3L Diesel maintenance, and blogging about life, love, and honor. Alan is a farm boy from North Dakota, a US Navy Submariner (8yrs), a foodie who can never spell “recipe” correctly the first time, and a collector of classic spam messages.
Check him out at BrandedbyTheOneTwitter, and Facebook.

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