No Regret


I’ll never forget the day we first met,
A look and a nod was all I would get.
With a turn on your heel and a hasty hello,
You sized me up quickly,
then bade me to go.

What my life might have been,
had I never persisted?
Less sweeter the chase,
had you not resisted.
Three years of courtship that passed as a day,
Confidently, we married,
and confidently, I say…

I stand here your Bridegroom,
and you are my Bride,
Best friends now,
and lovers,
in you I confide.

I’ll never forget the day we first met,
True Love is ours,
to this day,
no regret.

Written for my Beloved

(C) Alan Mowbray


As we grow in Christ and our relationships, things about us change. I wrote this in 2004 and today I felt that I needed to update the words to reflect my view of this experience through my current heart filters.
You can read the original here.

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