How did I get here?

I kissed…

…my sleeping wife this morning, as I do every morning after preparing to go to work.
While doing so, I was overcome for a moment with this feeling of enormous blessing and gratitude.
Pictures flashed through my mind as the endless list of things this girl has done for me, our kids, my parents, her family, and etc.
Yet, for all the power and wisdom and ability and courage in the face of adversity that this woman wields on a daily basis, here she was before me: vulnerable, unaware, and beautiful.

This has happened before.

God will never allow me to take this Jewel, the most personal his of gifts to me, for granted.

I know what I have in the woman I married.

Full disclosure… it took me several years to fully appreciate her talents, and several years more, before I understood how my actions and attitudes play a role in her growth. But now I know.
What I also know, is that God has done this for every man who seeks his heart.

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