To Love, and Cherish…

What is your word worth?
If this is hitting you hard, I can’t say I’m sorry. Friend, family member, stranger, whomever you are, I can honestly say I love you too much as a fellow brother to not write this.

When the body ministers to the body…

I used to think God, Family, Work when deciding how to live my life… Now, I see that God is an element in all things of life, not just a singular part.

You are awesome! You are important to me!

“You are awesome! You are important to me!” he wrote. “I appreciate our relationship. Even though I may not know you personally, or, just a little bit, you must know that you have affected my life in a positive way!”

Holy Ghost Drano

If we were to use His standard and look at people through His eyes, not only would the church be stronger, but it would grow beyond comprehension!