No more hiding.

We are the protectors of the weak, not protectors of the biggest tithers.

Mission Statement

I believe that going back to UCF for my masters is more than just going back to school. I believe that I will be able to help people - even while learning how to help people. So I decided to create a mission statement of what I think the purpose of this season in my … Continue reading Mission Statement

Personal Statement for UCF Master of Arts in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy Application

When others believe in you, it makes all the difference in the world.

Making it happen…

It was raining cats and dogs when I left the office the other day... As I stepped out of the elevator into the foyer of our building, I noticed the "bike guy" standing there, staring out the window. The rain was coming down in sheets - a precursor rain band to an incoming hurricane/tropical storm … Continue reading Making it happen…

The Book

I've always had a block when writing a book. People keep telling me, you need to write a book - in relation to marriage. I think so too, but I had one thing I had to do first: write a book to only my wife. Yesterday, I gave it to her. She loved it! Now … Continue reading The Book

Hand in hand

When I look back... at the thrilling things in life - experiences, adventures, trials, and so on - I remember most vividly the firsts: First crush. First time driving the tractor. First time plowing the fields without my dad supervising. First time driving. First Kiss. First... But the one that I can still feel in … Continue reading Hand in hand


Husbands. Fathers. How many times have we heard our wives and daughters speak of how they look in a negative way? We stop, turn, and give them a quick appraisal---confirming what we already knew---they are beautiful. Yeah, it drives us nuts because their eyes lie to them about what others see. I have been married … Continue reading Beautiful