Love is…

Is the air she breathes
Her pillow at night
A wall that secures

Is hard, solid ground
To stand upon
To build upon

Is soft, green grass
Under her feet
Tickling her soul

Is “I love you”
more than once a day
more than twice a day

Bookends her busy day
Good morning, my Love…
Good night, my Love…

Whispers, I trust You
You are my only
Let me lift you up

Pleads, I need you
I have faith in you
You are my refreshment, too…

Welcomes her opinion
Honors her gifts
Gives her room to grow

Sees her faults
Forgives her failure
Gives grace in everything

When God said, “Husbands love your wife as Christ loved the church”
He wasn’t kidding.
Love died for his bride.
Will you?

(c)Alan Mowbray 7/14/20

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