Husbands. are beautiful

How many times have we heard our wives and daughters speak of how they look in a negative way? We stop, turn, and give them a quick appraisal—confirming what we already knew—they are beautiful.
Yeah, it drives us nuts because their eyes lie to them about what others see. I have been married for close to 20 years and I still hear this from time to time. I know it for what it is—lies from the deceiver. As men, we are charged with lifting up those under our care—especially our wives and daughters. As husbands we are reminded to love our wives. That includes talking to them often. Praising them. Romancing them. Making them laugh. But most of all—declaring the things you love about them. They need to hear, specifically from our mouth, about the greatness, strength, and beauty that we see in them. Likewise with our daughters. If you fail to give your daughter the love, care, and approval that all girls need from their fathers, they will find it themselves… and you may not like what she finds.
I have chosen to ask God to change me into the father example that He wants me to be for my daughter. Likewise, I have submitted to my Father God to change me into the husband He has promised to my wife. So this morning, I saw this video that puts a perspective on how you see yourself vs how others see you. Quite eye-opening. It is only a suggestion, but the next time a woman/girl you love is attacked with a negative image of herself, send her the following video with a note that says something like:\r\n

My heart and my eyes do not lie to me. You ARE beautiful. See yourself as you truly are—beautiful–vibrant–wonderful…  through MY eyes. I love you.

Be persistent in this. She will come around—if YOU make the effort. And, as a husband or father, it is your privilege to do so.

Have a great day!


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