Man of the House


Are you the man of the house?

When you go to church on Sunday, do you return home with a load of spiritual nourishment for your family to survive on for the week?

You of the house (from Ws-lm-gwam64w7)
You’re the priest of your home.
Yeah… you.
There are a lot of titles you hold because of your position as man of the house. I don’t know for sure, but I’ll bet you that priest comes up more often in the Word of God than disciplinarian or one who lays down the law or any other description where you are the one who is being respected or honored.
As I read and meditate on God’s Word and I see His example and how much He loves us, I realize that the title of “Man of the House” is largely a service and loving role vs a domination and control role. I see where it’s my job to love and be a service to my wife, not as a just woman to whom I’m married, but as one who was specifically created and is individually loved by her Creator. I cannot love her just because she chose to be my wife, although that is a great reason in itself. Rather, I must love her and am responsible DIRECTLY to God because… He loves her and loved her FIRST.
When the brothers of Joseph went to Egypt to get food from Pharaoh, they didn’t sit down and eat it right there. No, they packed up their wagons as full as they could and then brought it back to Israel where they could feed their families–in their homes. Likewise, it’s my responsibility to go to the storehouse (local church) and fill my spiritual wagon with food that I can bring back to my home and feed my family with.
At home.
Church is not just for Sundays and maybe Wednesdays. It is a 24/7 commitment. As man of the house, I am always on the clock to minister to each member of my household the love of God, to motivate them to seek His face, and to sync their own spirit with His Holy Spirit.
But I am responsible to my Father God as well, for if I am not disciplined in this myself, I have no leg to stand on when motivating my own family. This is the call of God on the Man of the House.
It is my prayer that you grow in understanding of Him daily. And that with an open heart, you will receive a personal download from Him on a daily basis! It is my prayer that we as men learn to understand that our first and most important job is in ministry and service to our wives and children. Ask Him to tune Your spirit with His. Welcome Holy Spirit and His presence into your home and watch what happens.
Your best days are ahead of you!


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