Where my head is at.

Change happens.
You can be surprised by it, or you can prepare for it.
Some big changes have occurred in my life in the last nine months and none of them took me by surprise.


When I first realized this, I was surprised. LOL. I thought about it and went back over those months and noticed something…

No, it wasn’t because I’m such a great planner or something.
Rather, it’s because I began to make a conscious effort to include God in my life on all levels.
Not as a religious thing. but as a relationship thing.
My whole life I would listen to different pastors, business leaders, men and women–successful people whom I held with some level of esteem as mentors, whether they knew me or not–talk about how they were with God all day long. I couldn’t understand how that was possible.
So I thought I would just get real and ask God to be with me daily. In everything I did. I asked Him to instill in me His heart.
It didn’t happen overnight.
He didn’t just flood me with stuff from his heart. He started small.
He started with my attitude.
I can be judgmental on an epic level. Not that I open my mouth and say anything, but I have observed myself taking shortcuts with people instead of understanding them before forming my opinion.

I’m better when I’m in His presence.

I’m learning daily how His presence doesn’t only exist in church but everywhere I go. Whether I acknowledge that fact is up to me.
Where it originates is important.
If you see God’s hand in it, look ahead to where you’re going.
Excitedly seek God’s change in your life.



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