Personal best.

silhouette_man_joggingI was running tonight.
(well, technically some might call it jogging)
No music to motivate me.
(I run to disco… hey, it works)
No audio book to entertain me.

(My headphones broke halfway through the first mile.)

So instead, I spent the time praying and meditating on where I am in my life.
Evaluating my priorities.
Questioning my attitudes.
At the four mile mark, my phone speaker pipes up telling me the distance, time, speed, and split time per mile.
I was one minute ahead per lap of my personal best.
I was surprised. Because of my state of mind, I hadn’t even stopped to stretch.
How could this be? I remember thinking.

And then, that small voice inside, that you know isn’t you, responded…

Anytime you’re with me, you will always be at your best.

Now, tears in your eyes while you’re dodging other runners, walkers, baby strollers and some people just standing in the middle of the trail looking at the -who knows?- is not necessarily optimal, but there I was crying for a couple hundred yards.
I started walking to give myself a minute to pull it together.
That rocked me.
I love my time with God, but sometimes I think he has fun messing with my emotions.
But I love His heart.

I did two more miles.
Personal best.
I may not buy another set of headphones.



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