Today is a good day.

My conversation…

…in the elevator this morning.

The guy held the elevator for me as I entered the building and, as I stepped in I said, Thank you.
No problem, he replied. How are things going?
Today is a good day.
Today is a good day!
How so?
Because every day is a good day!
The elevator dinged as it reached his floor and he stepped out, saying,
Have a good day.

The door closed.

Then it hit me.
He doesn’t believe he deserves a good day, while wishing others that very thing.
I could see it on his face as I said those words to him.
Not worth the time.
Not worth a good day.

This is no different than Followers of Christ who will pray for blessing upon blessing for others, pray for the healing of others, pray for love to invade the lives of others, pray for peace in the home of others… yet… refuse to believe that they are worthy of that which they freely profess others can have–even though Jesus repeatedly said that we, as believers, are worthy through his blood.

Today is not a good day because I say it is. Today is a good day because GOD said it is.
He made it.
He told us to rejoice in it.
He told us to be glad in it.
I’m just repeating his words… agreeing with him.

I’m grateful for every day.
And y’know what, I believe that someday soon, the guy from the floor below me will believe that as well.

Have a good day.

Not because you think it will be, but because, according to the Father, it IS a good day!


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