Truth be told…

…exercise had never been on my “to do” list. I had needed to make a change for years and was lost as to how to do it.
Then it happened.
337lbs with a blood sugar level of 360 can get your attention – especially when you can’t get off the living room floor because you have no energy… the room, spinning above you.

Later that day, after my wife chewed me out – lovingly, but directly letting me know she wanted to grow old with me – God and I had a talk.
Bottom line? I feared the pain that resulted from exercise. I knew I would never get fit if He didn’t change me, ‘cuz I couldn’t/wouldn’t do it myself.

So I gave it to Him.

August brought opportunities for exercise.
I made the most of them.
I spent hours learning about diet. I listened to people who were doing it. I closed my ears to those who overflowed with free advice and opinion, but had no skin in the game.

God has been making the most of this time as well.
He’s teaching me about myself.
He’s changing me.
He’s bringing me closer – showing me His heart.

I never expected that I would like running.
I never expected that I could like running.
As a Christian, I should have known better. I had to repent for putting my Lord and Savior in that box.
To anyone who reads this, know that God wants His very best for you – as ANY father would.
His desire is to lavish you with His love.
Let Him.
You want to change? He can change your heart, mind, and body.
Let Him.
He wants to carry your burden, your cares, your worries.

I didn’t lose 70lbs in 2012 because I prayed a prayer. It didn’t melt off overnight.
I had to DO. And along the way, He changed my heart, my mind, and my body.
Even if “giving it all you can” is very tiny, do it.
Remember, God multiplies.
You will find that the “all you can give” bucket has grown.
Your stamina, your will, and your happiness will grow as well.
And best of all, He will walk, jog, and run with you – joyfully – the whole way.

People always talk about their prayer closet as a place of quiet seclusion.
The trail, especially places like Cranes Roost, here in Altamonte Springs, can be a busy place at times.
And yet, He has invited me to make it our secret place.
And so it has become.

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