Back in the day…

…when I was a young sailor in the US Navy, stationed on a submarine, I started courting my Love.

We were separated by about 2000 miles.
How does one establish trust in a relationship separated by such a distance?


So, to demonstrate to her that I wasn’t out in the bars chasing other women, I called her at 1030pm EVERY night that I was in port.  When I was at sea, it didn’t matter, but when on land, I wanted her to know that, though I had the option of going out, I chose to talk to her instead….
sometimes until sunrise…
…hanging up only because it was time to go to work.

But that was my way.  Being separated by such a distance doesn’t leave many options for demonstrating consistency.

Another way I did this, was to go to a trusted florist and plan ahead…

Months ahead.

When I went on a 6-month deployment, I had every flower arrangement and every delivery date already planned out based on what events were happening on the calendar.

I was in love with her.  Why wouldn’t I choose to act out my love in any way I could?

Just because you are separated from your Love, doesn’t mean you are without options when it comes to the proper maintenance of your relationship.  If anything, times of absence are the PERFECT time to step up and show your real commitment to her.  This is when the effort shines.  Don’t miss the opportunity to shine when loving your spouse.  You can do it.  It just takes effort.

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