She’s got my back…

The other day…

I had disciplined my son for a very disrespectful act of rebellion toward his mother… the conclusion being that I sent him to bed, turned off the light, and walked out of his room not saying another thing.

My wife walked into our bedroom about fifteen minutes later and told me I needed to go say goodnight to my son.
“He thinks you don’t like him…” she said.

So I listened to my wife, got up, and went to his room.  The light was off.  He was quiet.
I lay down next to him and explained that I loved him and liked him, but that when one disobeys or acts disrespectful to his mother, there are consequences.

He wasn’t worried about that… he only wanted to be reassured that I liked him.
We hugged, prayed, and then, satisfied and comforted, he rolled over to go to sleep.

I walked out of his room kicking myself.
I had broken my own rule and not hugged him after disciplining him.

But I had my Love to back me up.

This isn’t an isolated incident.  She’s always there when I need backup.
That’s the great thing about her – where I am insensitive or I just miss it, she’s there to help me from failing.

There’s a reason that I used “complementary” in an earlier post when I talked about who a man needs a wife.
I’ll have to expound on that later.
– clue – think geometry……

But this is a perfect example of why a man isn’t complete without a wife…
… and my relationship with my son is the better for it.

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