Saying “I Love You…”

Last night…

I spent a good hour telling my wife how much I loved her…

…without saying a word.

It had been a long day.
The baby was being a little “princess”…
My son didn’t want to do his homework.
And it was that time of the month.

Quietly she asked, “Rub my feet?”

I know she works hard.
We don’t allow ourselves to be whiny and complain about the current economy.
We just keep going.
She has had over a 60% loss in business in the last 18 months.
And still she perseveres.
She is now the encourager at the office.
When others get down, she’s there to remind them they are good at what they do… business will pick up…
I’m so proud of her.

So when she asked for a foot rub, I took my time and spent a good 15 minutes on each foot.
Just doing it said “I love you.”

foot rub

Husbands, here’s a bit of advice…
LEARN how to love your wife.

Anytime your wife is having her period, a slow massage of her feet, back, neck, and skull can ease the discomfort of the ordeal.
This is a time to demonstrate your commitment and choice to love her.
Not in an emotional way, but in pure unselfish action.
Overlook her mood swings.
Run her a bath.
Light some candles.
Soft music.
Take care of the kids and put ’em to bed.
Let her decompress.
You can do this.

You can always say I Love You…

Why not do I Love You?

(C) Alan Mowbray

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  1. mrred says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.


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