Man seeking Independent Woman who really doesn’t need him…

When we met…

My wife had it all together.

Good job.
Financially sound.

Me? …not so much.

Drank and smoked.
Foul mouthed.
US Navy Submariner (actually a plus)
In debt – late fees – defaulted – repossessed truck – undisciplined, etc.

As I look back, I’m surprised that she even paid any attention to me.
Somehow she saw through the act – the bravado – and saw potential.

For that chance, I thank God.
‘Cause, I know, I didn’t deserve it.

She was the Prize… with standards.

There were so many hoops I had to jump through to get to a point where I could potentially ask her to marry me, that some would have walked away.
But I stuck to it.
The result was her transition from a totally independent woman who didn’t NEED any man, to one who wanted and needed ME.

I know I’m not perfect.
But I’m always willing to adjust and change under the commitment of being her complementary half.
Marriage to a woman of significance is not easy.
But with God’s help and the right attitude, it is rather simple.

You can’t get lazy, unless you’re being lazy together.
You don’t take things for granted.
Fill her water glass up.
Rub her feet, back, etc.
Insist she take a break from time to time.
Always put her first.
Choose to love her – even when you’re mad at her.

Make her laugh.  Daily.

God gave her to me.

It’s my job to keep her.
An’ I’m doing that right now.

(C) Alan Mowbray

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