What not to wear…

Every once in a while…

I see a woman that has been ‘enhanced’ in one way or another.
I won’t argue that the enhancements don’t make an improvement in some cases, but is it REALLY necessary?
For all the innuendo about men driving Corvettes and Porsches, what’s the sexist insult that describes what deficiency the woman is making up for?

In the same way that huge tires do not turn a pickup into a monster truck and a hot rod does not make you a stud, implants do not make you a babe.
Attitude and proper presentation of what you already have is all that is needed.
Translated – You Already Were.  You just don’t see what others see.

That’s what I love about my wife.
She gets it.
Back when our daughter was born, she took several weeks off.
She found a show called “What Not To Wear” that changed her whole way of thinking.
This show is on TLC and is like a college course on dressing to your body shape.
Husbands, if your wife doesn’t know about it, you gotta DVR/TIVO it for her!


She started to buy clothes that accentuated her figure….
Now, I’ve always been very pleased with her ‘attributes’.
But now that she dresses to complement them, she’s even MORE attractive!
They always say clothes makes the man…
I’d say they make the woman as well.

Coupled with confidence – of which she already had plenty – she’s downright dangerous.


Note to husbands…
Be careful.
If this is a sensitive subject, watch the show yourself, learn about pant-leg widths and A-line skirts and then wait for her to wear something that clicks.
Compliment her on her appearance and explain in tedious scientific detail as to why she is such a stunning hottie in that particular outfit.  She’s gonna want to know why/how you know that.
Tell her you were “just watching this show as you were clicking through the channels…” and you picked up a little trivial information that you were reminded of when you saw her. “I think it was What not to Wear… or something like that….”

Plant the seed.

Let her go shopping.

And then, reap the benefits!
I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed.

One more thing…
When your wife KNOWS how to shop for her body type, she no longer needs to ask the – EEEK! – dreaded question “Do I look fat in this?”
The hungry, drooling look on your face will give her all the help she needs.

(C) Alan Mowbray

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