Little Black Book

After  15 years of marriage, I’m in a time when things are extremely busy.
There never seems to be a moment to spare.
I FEEL that all the things I do to love her on a daily basis are getting a bit stale.
I FEEL like a broken record.
I FEEL like I’m letting her down by not being creative – spending time in thought thinking of new ways to Love her.

And I’m not talking about sex. That’s not the problem.

What do you say we share ideas?
I know, men don’t FEEL and they don’t SHARE..

Fine.  Let me borrow your ideas and you can borrow mine.

Let’s call this our Little Black Book For Happily Married Guys.
IF WE SHARE the load, we can all step up our game and all of our lives can be better for it.
Our wives won’t know what hit them!

This is my idea. This is my plan.

This can work.

(C) 2009 Alan Mowbray

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