My Jewel, My Love

When I first got married…

I admit, it was 90% about her looks and 10% everything else.

Oooooh, you men are so shallow!!!
Almost fifteen years have passed and it’s still at least 50-50…
Even shallower…
At 40+ she’s still a hottie.

So, we went to a nice restaurant Sunday night – couldn’t get a babysitter for Valentines Day – and, as I tend to do, I watched people.  And it still happens!
Guys will detour just to walk by our table.
I see where their eyes are looking… an’ it isn’t me!

It makes me feel good knowing that other guys think she’s attractive.
I KNOW what I think, but sometimes I think it’s because I’m biased, based on all her other great qualities.
I like being in public with her.
I get those ‘Dude married out of his pay grade’ looks.
That may be true, but back when it mattered, none of the other guys had the cojones to ask her out!

What a jewel I have!

And yet, she doesn’t see it.
I guess I shouldn’t complain.
There are beautiful women out there that know it, flaunt it, and are high maintenance because of it.
Not my love.
For her, it’s an unconscious act every day.
She just does it.  And it works.

(C) Alan Mowbray

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