Inventory Day thoughts

One of my many jobs is managing parts and accessories…

for our customers and I do a monthly inventory/reconciliation.
This is a solitary time as I am locked up in a secure room.
All. By. Myself.
With my coffee.


Inventory tends to be detail oriented work, but surprisingly, once you get going, there is still a lot of mental downtime. So, today, my Beloved, my friend, my ever-capable wife came to mind.

me and me Love
Among the many affectionate thoughts, it hit me that after knowing this woman for close to 24 years, she is exactly the same person I fell in love with.

Don’t be silly, everyone changes after that length of time.

I don’t think so. Growth may happen, but change, real change? No.
I didn’t marry my wife because I wanted her to change. I liked her the way she was.
I liked the way she looked.
I liked her smile.
I liked her laugh.
I liked her physical attributes.
I liked her love of Jesus.
I liked her friends… well, most of them.
I liked her family and her parents.
I liked that she had a similar upbringing to mine.
I liked, I liked, I liked…

Why would I want her to change?

Because EVERYONE changes, you know…

Well no. That’s over simplifying it.
Let me explain.
In all that I liked of my bride, I also saw something else:


Gobs of potential. I saw her future. Maybe not all the nitty gritty details, but yes, her future. I saw greatness. I saw a mother. I saw a friend, a confidant, an advisor, a lover. All latent, yet still observable to one who was looking for it.

And I was looking.

The only difference between the girl I married and the woman she has become is the difference between the potential I saw in her and the potential that has been realized and has come into fruition. It’s similar to potential and kinetic energy. One is in its dormancy ready to be released and the other is in its full swing and power.
My wife is a powerhouse of all that potential I saw in her, now, in full effect and it’s dazzling to watch sometimes.

WARNING: Sometimes my pride in her sounds boastful, but that’s because I meant it to be. Get used to it.  😉

She is awesome. Even at her worst, or, I should say, when she thinks she is at her worst, I find her intoxicating and life enhancing… and do you know why?

Because God made her for me and wired me to love and enjoy and desire and be thrilled by and have fun with and be comforted and be connected to only her.

All that potential is mine to behold.


And what a sight it is.

Exactly how wonderful God showed me she would be.

Have a great day!



This is why I love inventory days.

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