Submission to authority.

What is it…

…about submission to authority that drives us to total insanity? Why is it so difficult to just submit to authority? I mean, everybody has to do it!
I had to go home at lunch today to talk to my son about submission in doing his homework. The funny thing is… this week has been an epic battle inside my own head and heart in dealing with spiritual submission issues. Ugh.
You know, if you look back through life and in history and pretty much just the world in general, everyone has to deal with Authority. We all have a boss. We’ve all had teachers. We’ve all had parents, or at least, guardians while growing up.If you start thinking about the world in general… Everyone is under submission to some level of authority.
The President of the United States has to submit to voters or he becomes a private citizen. Congress is the same. The Supreme Court submits to the authority of our Constitution (we hope). Voters, by the act of voting, accept the laws made by those they elected. We all have to submit to moral standards or our lives fall into ruin. Scientists have to submit to the laws of physics or chemistry, and etc. Engineers submit to gravity and wind forces and such. It they don’t their creations will crash to the ground.
Should you accept everything blindly and just kowtow to ANY authority that passes by?
Hardly. Honor allows for the respectful, civil questioning of those in authority or the validity of societal norms. It’s healthy to question. But you must also be willing and open minded to listen to the reasoning for how that authority has been given. Otherwise, you promote anarchy, not civility.

Submission to authority is a daily thing as common as eating and breathing, walking and talking, and loving and learning. Even in the Word of God – Jesus had to submit to the will of His Father. He didn’t want to drink from that “cup” but he submitted to his Father’s will, not his will.
It’s time we just got over ourselves and decided that submission is not bad in the correct context. Submission to God is a daily act of worship. Take some time to pray today. Tell your Father God you are willing to submit to His will for your life. He will be with you every step of the way.

Have a great day!
UPDATE 2/07/13… Saw an article that is pretty good on this subject. Check it out!

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