Letters to my son… Dear Kellen…

Dear Kellen,

As your Dad, nothing pleases me more than the opportunity to brag about you. When the subject of kids comes up in a conversation, that’s my chance to tell someone about you and what a great kid you are!

The other day, I wrote in Facebook about you and duct taping the drumsticks to your hat… people found that pretty funny. When you were born, one of my hopes was that you would understand funny things. You have a terrific sense of humor. Your smile and your quick wit make times fun.

Academically, you’re just like me. Things come easy for you. When a new concept is explained to you—whether it be math or English or science—you get it the first time. I love that! I love that you can do math in your head faster than some on paper—remember, you still have to show your work for the teacher.  😉

Do you know how much I appreciate that you mow the lawn… and do it well? It gives me the opportunity to do other things like trimming, gardening, cleaning, and fixing things. You have become part of the maintenance team in the Mowbray family! You are a valuable part! Because of it, our yard and house always look great. Thanks, son.

One of my favorite things about you is that you protect your sister. Yes, when at home, you two may have your differences from time to time, but when out in public, you are good at helping us take care of her.

Best of all, what I love most about you is not how smart or tall or funny you are, but rather what you have taught me… You have taught me how to be a father. You have given me the opportunity to teach you everything I know – how to be honorable, how to love others, how to look people in the eye when you talk to them and how to be a loving husband. I get to do these things because God saw fit to give you to me as my son! You are God’s gift to me!

I am excited to be your dad. I will never stop loving you, even if we have disagreements. It doesn’t change things. I love you because God loved you first. That is my promise to you. You are a prize and a jewel to me—never forget that. I love you!


Your Dad,

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