What if?

I worked in the toddler room, second service yesterday…
Had a little 2yo girl that missed her parents and needed a hug. As a daddy of a beautiful little girl, I recognized the need. So I did – for an hour and a half. She had a good cry as I comforted her. As I was whispering, “It’s all right” and “Mommy will be back soon,” she took hold of one of my fingers and stroked her cheek with it. I couldn’t hold the tears back.

What if we did the same with Jesus?

What if we climbed up in His lap and just had a good cry? What if we let Him whisper in our ear “It’s all right” instead of carrying the weight of our lives on OUR shoulders? What if we held onto His hand and stroked our cheek with it?

Would that really be so bad?
Would this make you look weak?
Would it demonstrate your wisdom at knowing when you end and He begins?

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