Three things…

Does your wife know…

three1. That you love her?
2. That you support her?
3. That you believe in her?

Think deeply, now.  This is not a trick question.
If so, how?

DO NOT answer with, “Oh, she knows….” ’cause that is totally lame and explains absolutely nothing.
At this moment, you are all alone reading this… So man up.

Explain to yourself how she knows these things.  If you can rattle off five things–for each point–that you are actively doing to make sure she is aware of these three things, then, good!
If not…
Time to decide.

Are these things important to you in your relationship with your wife?
If not, they should be.

Is there some reason you cannot convey these three things?
Unless you are a captive of a terrorist group hellbent on the destruction of the modern world and are in solitary confinement with a hood over your head… there are no excuses.

What’s holding you back?

Here’s your assignment for today.  Pray this prayer: Lord God, help me to be the man and husband you want me to be. I commit to heeding your Word. I commit to relearning my wife. I commit to take the time to practice being an honorable, loving man, one after Your own heart. Thank you for helping me. Amen.

If you have not given your life to Christ…


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