Day Four…

So, you may be asking…

Why are you pushing this one “little” thing – calling the wife daily just to say “I love You”?
Well, now that you asked, I’ll tell ya…

About a year ago I spent some time meditating and studying on who I am, who my wife is, and what my responsibilities to her are as directives from God.  Now, I have always had the reputation of a husband who passionately loves his wife – sort of in perpetual honeymoon status…
But I knew that was just status quo for me.  It was easy.  I thought I was doing well – and quite frankly, I don’t think I was doing anything incorrectly.  I was just motivated to know how to love her more than I did.  I wanted to connect with her on levels I had never reached before.  Through the past few years, my spiritual growth was bringing me to love Jesus at a deeper level – why not my wife as well?  So I prayed and asked God to open my eyes to the gift he had given me those 15 years prior.

Immediately, He started creating situations where I had the opportunity to see the context of who my wife is… Her strengths, weaknesses, appearance, everything!  He showed me why she was the only one for me and how uninspiring my life would be without her.


What we are doing right now… this “little” thing… making that call… is the first thing I was led to do after I made up my mind to love her more deeply.  She had to know.  Unequivocally.  That she was not only loved by me, but that she was MY LOVE.  So I started calling her every day to reinforce that…


And my life changed.
Yours will too.


Day Four, Gentlemen…

Pick up the phone and call your wife!

And let her know, it’s “just to say I love you”…

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