Just to tell you I Love You…

Since Monday,
I have been doing a daily reminder, on facebook, to my married friends (men) to call their wife during the day “just to tell you I Love You”… A couple nights ago, I heard Gov. Mike Huckabee talk about how Coca-Cola has discovered that, on average, it takes 19 impressions to imprint your idea on someone. So I decided to put it to action… For the next 19 days I am posting a reminder for men to call their wife in the middle of the day just to say “I love You” on both FB and here as well. I’m expecting great results. "...just called to say I love you!"

So, gentlemen… Day three.
Do any of you need a reminder to stop and call her to “just say I Love You”?
I guarantee, if you continue with this, you will look forward to that daily call like thirst for water…
It will bless you just as much as it will bless her.
Sooooooo…. get ‘er done!

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