You are awesome! You are important to me!

Sometimes in life, we forget what’s really important… family, friendships, giving, loving…
In the past 24 hours, I’ve received two reminders:

The first was in the form of scripture…

Proverbs 18:22
A man’s greatest treasure is his wife – she is a gift from the LORD.

Oh, how I know this…  It’s not that I don’t appreciate her; she is so much more talented than me at things, I am in awe at times.  No, this was more about what’s going on inside my head instead of what I say and do.  After hearing those words of scripture, I could see that even though I say and do things for her on a daily basis that show my love and appreciation, I may not always reinforce that internally by reminding myself just how much she means to me.
Even loving someone can become a habit…  I’m not saying that loving your wife and acting out that love is wrong.  I’m just saying that on occasion, maybe you need to take the time to remind yourself why you love her.

I’m going to make that part a habit as well.  😉

The second reminder was in an email that I received from a Linked-In group to which I belong.  Because we all participate in this group to better the writing skills of each member, we have an appreciation for each other.  One member sent us all an email:

“You are awesome! You are important to me!” he wrote.  “I appreciate our relationship.  Even though I may not know you personally, or, just a little bit, you must know that you have affected my life in a positive way!”

He then included a link to the following video:

Today I want to recognize you personally.  Yes, I’m writing this in a blog piece, but, even as I write this, I am thinking about YOU as an individual.  Names and faces are flashing through my mind right now… new friends, old friends, family, church family, past associates, high school classmates, customers, etc…  ALL of you have had a positive effect on who I am today.  Without you, there would be something missing in my life.  This may seem a bit mushy, but sometimes mushy is the only way to make the point.

Take the time today to appreciate someone you love, like, or just someone you know has had a positive effect on your life.

Make it a habit.
Just don’t forget why you made it one.
Thanks for affecting my life in a positive way – I appreciate it.


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