What’s it mean to be Salt of the earth…

We all know about salt.  You put it on french fries, potato chips, pretty much anything your mother-in-law cooks (joke), and foods that just don’t make your tongue dance.
Why? ‘Cause it tastes good.  Well, technically, that’s the result of using salt, but it doesn’t answer the question of why adding salt makes things taste good.

Salt is a flavor enhancer. Those of you that bake know that, recipes for sweets often have a bit of salt added. It’s there to make the sugar and other ingredients taste better.  This is where the “Salt” part of this blog comes from.
As a Christian, the Word tells me (Matthew 5: 13-16) that I am “…the salt of the earth.”  It’s a description of who I am – or should be.  If this is true, then I should learn something about it.

Salt enhances flavors. In this way, my life should enhance the life of others.  How I think, speak, act, and interact should be run through this filter of: “Am I actually making this other person’s life ‘taste’ better to them, or am I actually making it worse.
Worse? How could that be?  Ever put too much salt on something? Bleh!

There is such a thing as too much “salt.” Being a bit too overbearing in your relationships can sour things.
I see people who lord their Christianity over others with the result of souring their taste for Christ as a result.
Your lifestyle, your demeanor, your reaction to adversity, and etc. all reflect on whether you are enhancing the flavor of others’ lives or whether you are too salty and they reject you.

I was trained to confront everyone with the message of Jesus Christ and “spread the Gospel” to all, but the tactics I was trained to use gave ME a bad taste in MY mouth. I couldn’t stomach banging on a stranger’s door, asking him if he know where he would go if he died tonight, and telling him he was destined for hell if he wasn’t saved. Bad Taste.  Does the phrase “Jehovah’s Witnesses” come to mind? Heck, they were tame compared to what I was doing.
Was I enhancing these people’s lives, or did they shut the door on me – solidifying their belief that Christians were pathetic and highly annoying losers?

Would you say that walking around picking fights on unsuspecting people is counterproductive, yet being ready for a fight if you are attacked is prudent?
Would this thought pattern then also apply to confrontational witnessing versus living a holy lifestyle – ready, at a moment’s notice, to explain why when asked?

I’ve spent a few years tossing this issue in my head on and off again.  I understand now that I was being too salty.  Instead of enhancing and watering seedlings of hope and faith, I was flooding them.

Now, I still believe that one should tell others about Jesus, but I’ve changed my personal message.
My message is now – “Here’s what Jesus does for me every day, even though I don’t deserve it!”

When you become part of the Salt and Light Brigade, you aren’t pushing the Gospel down people’s throats, you’re living life with them – sharing your failures and successes.
That is true witnessing.
Remember, we are here to enhance the lives of others.  It just happens that our own lives become sweeter as a result.
Give it a shot.  Live the life you tell everyone in church you are living.
Then watch how your lifestyle reflects God’s life enhancing power into the lives of those around you.
It’s so much fun!

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