What’s it mean to be the “light of the world?

Why Light?
What’s light got to do with how you treat people?
Well, along with being called to be the salt of the earth, we are also called to be the “light of the world” – Matt. 5:14.  In this sense, light is a metaphor for exposing things that are familiar with darkness.

There are many dynamics to the workplace environment.  Being the ‘light of your workplace world” requires you to refrain from certain activity:
Refusing to partake in gossip.
Refusing to be a willing partner in complaining.
Treating others with honor – no matter their job title.
Working to promote your employer, not just yourself.
Being a servant, when it’s not required.
Maintaining a positive attitude.
Pushing yourself to be more efficient.
These are just a few examples off the top of my head.

Did you notice that being light has nothing to do with telling people they are wrong in doing those things?  Exactly! Light exposes darkness. Being the “light of the world” exposes people’s wrongdoing, not through confrontation, but through example. It’s not your job to run around and yelling at everyone – telling them they shouldn’t be doing those things. Your job is to smile, be a positive example, and, when others notice that you have a grip on things that they desire, THEN you can tell them why you are the way you are.

Your life is the witness.  God is the one who opens the doors for you.

Work on yourself. As you grow, others will see that growth and curiosity will do the rest.  This works.  It’s happening in my own office.  Today!
And am I excited to see where this leads!


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