Pleasant surprise…

I started the journey…

…towards a MA in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling on Monday.
Previously, I had received my Bachelors at UCF in 2005. I was 38.
I walked into my first class at 6pm, tired from a full day at work. I left fully energized!

Here’s why.

Seventeen years ago, when I started my bachelor degree, I was in class with teens and early twenty-somethings. They were so full of potential, yet soooooo naive. They hadn’t had enough life experience to know what they knew or didn’t know. Many were going to school because they had nothing better to do. As a fellow student in my mid-30’s, it was difficult to connect with them.

Fast-forward to this week.

I walked into class and it had a vibe of anticipation. All of these students had already worked a full day – just like me. We were starting a journey together and after visualizing how tall the mountain (of the next 7 semesters and 600 hours of post graduate internship) was, we had all shown up to start the ascent.
Class started and it was immediately comfortable. You might even say, restful.
How could this be? This was supposed to be work! As class went on, I listened to my fellow classmates and discovered the difference between them and my classmates from years ago:


A Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling MA program is not just something to fill the time. After talking with a few others, I realized they had the same burning in my heart as I did. This was my path to giving back to others what God had given Dorothy and I. Yes, my classmates were all twenty-somethings, but they were different… They wanted to be here.

Even more enjoyable was the fact that they had four years without mommy and daddy under their belt at a minimum. They asked intelligent, thoughtful questions. Their answers were thought out and cogent. These kids weren’t children, they were adults. Some had actually worked for a few years after their bachelors and were now ready to come back and acquire knowledge that would enable them to be licensed to help others. After all, counseling is, inherently, a helping profession… which means they were focused on the well-being of others.

After another class last night, I think I’m falling in love with this group as a whole! And, as millenials, a demographic that I hope to assist in setting realistic marriage expectations in the future, I find them fascinating and fun and smart and witty and silly and loving! They’re good kids. They’re good people.

This is gonna be a great experience.

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