When you walk

with somebody you love, someone that youre married to, betrothed to, someone that youve committed to love, cherish, honor, trust When youre truly walking with that personyou take the same path. Your steps may even match and fit exactly inside theirs.
pathsThink about people that came together in marriage but started walking different paths. If you think about them right this moment, you note that either theyre not married anymore, or their marriage is going nowhere.
Sure theres probablyyou know the one that breaks the normwhere they lived separate a lot and blah blah blah theyre still happy but thats not the norm.
And, for those marriages that werent doing well because they walked separate paths, if you think about it, its not until they decided to come back together and walk the same path that they started being a successful couple.
Theres a reason for that and its because theyre no longer separate people. Theyre no longer individuals. When they finally decided to honor their I dos, they ceased to be individuals and became part of one individual personnever to be separate again.

I expect that some of you are reading this and probably rolling your eyes

Oh please. Here we go again with this old-fashioned marriage stuff.

but the fact of the matter isdo you want to see a good marriage?  Then youre going to see two people who genuinely commit to each other, make an effort to walk similar paths, and practice living a life of love, honor, respect, and lots of forgivenesswith a focus on the future, not just on What can I get today?

Your relationship with Jesus Christ is very similar to marriage. You commit to walking the path that He walked by studying His life, reading and learning His words, doing what the Word says, and taking up your cross and following Him. As long as you stay committed to walking the steps that He walked, everythings fine. You feel close to Him. You feel His presence. You know Hes always there.
But if you step off the pathif you start walking on pathways His feet do not treadyour spiritual eyes cannot see Him as clearly and you cant feel his presence as easily. You begin to doubt whether Hes even there for you. You think Jesus has left you, when, in reality, you separated yourself from Him by the choices you made.

Walking-TogetherWhen I said I do to my wife, I didnt do it because it was what my friends were doing. We didnt have to get married. But she was awesome. Incredible. Amazing to me. She was beautiful. She was smart. I married her because she was the one I wanted to spend my life with no regrets. In our marriage, we have had to adjust to be sure to walk the same path together. But the result is a beautiful life together.

When you connect your life to Jesus , dont do it because its the cool thing to do. Dont do it because you HAVE to either. Do it because he is Jesus. Do it because He is THE Bridegroom. You are His beloved. You can have a beautiful life in Him. Why would you want to walk any path other than the one He walks?

May Jesus bless you today.

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