I love rainy days…

Here in Central Florida,

We have had a couple days straight of rain, thunderstorms, wind, and lighting.
I love rainstorms–the more intense, the better…
Sure, if I’m outdoors, I don’t like getting soaked, but indoors… well, I just feel so comfortable and secure.
I love rainy days...I know many of you don’t think this way, but here’s how I put this feeling into words:

The Word says that God is my Protector, my Shelter, my Strong Tower. He is that for you as well. Every time I’ve called on Him, He’s kept me and my family from harm. Yes, I have tested God and he has never failed me.

Metaphorically speaking, my house is like God. I have been through many storms with it.  It has never failed me.  When bad weather hits, I am confident that it can stand against anything that comes our way. Now, it is just a house, but you get the picture. But because of my experience with the house in good weather and bad, I enjoy the rain and wind and thunder and lighting.
And my house loves me… OK, not really, but the love and energy my wife and I, along with others, have put into it to make it a warm and inviting place–well, that has a return that sure feels like love.

Now, you could tear apart the metaphor and list a whole bunch of “what ifs”–500-year flood, fire, earthquake, nuclear bomb (unless Jack Bauer is around), weather satellite falling to earth, meteor, alien laser beams… seriously, why?

This house was a gift from God. Sure, I bought it, but He is my Provider. There’s nothing to argue here. I have faith in His desire for me (and my family) to be whole.  I have faith in my God, His Son, and Holy Spirit.

So yes, I love rainy days.


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