This is the deal…

I am a happily married man.
I have other friends that are also happily married… an’ I’m not talking newlyweds of 6 months.
But there are also friends of mine, acquaintances, relatives, fellow church members, and etc., whom I have talked to from time to time telling me of their problems, their worries, their sadness, and other issues that cause my heart to break for them.  How can I help?
Well, since writing is my passion, I have decided that connecting with other married guys through my blog is how.

It’s called Love.Life.365.
I believe that by taking responsibility for myself, I will become what God wants me to be as a man, a husband, a father, and a friend.
I believe that solving marital problems are not about changing the other person.
Rather, they are about changing capital M, capital E, ME…
I believe that the Bible has the answer for any situation that arises with being “that guy.”
I believe choosing to be “that guy” is the first step.
I believe that anything I have learned from the Word or from those whom I submit myself to in mentoring, will be useful to others in being “that guy” and so therefore, I commit to you that I will be faithful in writing stuff for us guys in this category.

Let’s grow together!  My greatest desire in this is that you get to experience the huge–or as my 3 year-old says, bigmungous–feeling of peace, love, and connection that I have with my wife because of the efforts I have made in just being “that guy.”  Life is just better.  You’ll see.

And so it begins–


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