Reflecting on God and His Love

Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper,

I have always known that God loves me.
5 years ago, my life changed. My family and I had been attending The Gathering Place for about 3 years. I always felt like I was in this rut and couldn’t move forward spiritually on an intimate level.
Then something changed.
Looking back now, I realize that the change in my life came when I allowed God to love me first.
Until a month ago, I did not know that I had done that specifically – but I did.
I learned from the shepherd placed over the house I connected myself and my family to.
He allowed God to be Love and love him first.
Then he became a reflector of God’s love in him to the rest of us.
And now… the message of Love is replicating Himself in us as we open our hearts to that knowledge…
So now… Love is in me… in all of us… and reflecting that love is becoming instinctive in all of our lives.
It took three years sitting under a pastor who let God love him – reflecting that love to me – before I got it.
But I don’t see it taking that long anymore.
I see it spreading so fast it will make our heads swim!
God’s Love covers it all.
I am grateful to God that though He knows me… He loves me… anyway.
I will do the same.

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