Manliest characters in movies…

LeiaSky @ PhotoBucket
Maximus Decimus Meridius


When defining what’s manly, what is your criteria?

Is it the one who always gets the girl?
The one who nails every woman he meets?
An imperfect, yet faithful husband?
The scholar?
Mr. Saturday Night?
One who does the difficult no matter the sacrifice?

I was thinking about this because of a New Man Magazine article that I had bookmarked on manliest movie characters.

What is my criteria?
What am I telling my son, non-verbally, through what I watch at home?
I understand that just because of what happens in a movie, that it is not necessary reflective of my lifestyle; along with the fact that it’s tough to find a really great movie that is 100% benign.  Sure, there are the few here and there – and I’ve seen most of them, but it just seems that though I am not a drinker of alcohol, I have no problem drinking in visual and audible alcohol…

I’m not preaching here.  Rather, I am talking out loud and wondering how to create a standard I can live with, without being bored with the entertainment I deem acceptable.


Maybe I’m just being a wuss and need to man up.
Probably time to shut up and listen to Holy Spirit for a while.


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