Man and Wife…

Fifteen years ago… today.

For my Love.

The moment was exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time.
His hands were shaking as he looked over the buzzing throng of friends and family facing him and he clenched them tightly behind his back to keep them still.  Looking behind the smiling faces, toward the entrance to the sanctuary,
he saw movement.

The slow, soft music of the processional began as the first couple made their way up the aisle drawing smiles at every step.  The others in the processional followed, braving the camera flashes, winks of friends, and whispers of, “Oh, wouldn’t they just make a perfect couple!” coming from the match-makers in the crowd.  He couldn’t help but smile, thinking back to when those comments were focused on himself and…

A change in the music tore him from his reverie as it loudly proclaimed the entrance of his lovely bride.
His heart began to race as their eyes met!
A hush fell over the crowd and time stood still as he watched her…
up the aisle…
toward him.

He felt like pinching himself – as if this were just a dream…

In a way, it was.
For God had put this vision of beauty, that boldly strode towards him, in his dreams every time he closed his eyes to sleep for as long as he could remember.
During their courtship, he had wondered many times,
“Who am I to be given such a gift of beauty and grace?
What have I done for You, Lord, that You would bless me with such a priceless treasure?”

And what a treasure she was!

Godly and pure, she stood out as a rose among thorns, a stunning example of God’s perfect design.
She was beautiful; exquisite in every way.
She was resourceful and intelligent; the perfect partner.
He thought of Proverbs 31 which spoke of God’s definition of a Godly wife.
It was as if the Lord had been talking about her.

She was in front of him now.
As her father proudly gave her away, the groom outstretched his hand…
…and she took it.

They turned and climbed the four, short steps toward the awaiting pastor.
Through it all, they held each others hand tightly,
drawing strength from each other.

The pastor announced them Husband and Wife.

And they kissed.

In that moment, they were transformed.
No longer were they individuals,
but Man and Woman, Husband and Wife.
One in Spirit, Soul, and Body.

She whispered in his ear,

“Today, I am my beloved’s… And my beloved is mine.”


I wrote this 15 years ago.
It was placed on the back page of our wedding ceremony program.
Looking back now, it was as if I had seen our wedding in every detail, weeks before the actual event.
I was wrong on only one thing.

She was even more beautiful than I had imagined.

(C) Mo’ Media 2009.  All rights reserved.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary DeVries says:

    WOW!!! this is so beautiful. Love Ya both!!


  2. Alison says:

    Alan (and Andy) the next man in my life is going to have the same kind of love for me as you two have for your wives. You are such a great writer Alan, I can actually feel the love you express in your words! Amazing!! Brings tears to my eyes!!! Dorothy, your are very blessed. . . and so am I to have a wonderful sister-in-love like you. . . and to think you were not interested in dating a sailor!!!! LOL!!! Little sis, look at what you would have missed out on!


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