The Very Cool Christmas Gift

A while back…

…my bride heard me say that I wanted to take my son to a real football game.
I was thinking something like a game at the local high school or nearby university.
Well, you know how things get with two kids, Saturday morning sports, work, other commitments, etc. and the football season was practically over.  I hadn’t followed through on my plan. (Follow-through is one of those things I’m working on personally…)

Christmas came around and my wife handed me an envelope.
“Merry Christmas!” she said, which, between us can be a big joke, ’cause buying pretty much anything over a hundred bucks – even a tank of gasoline at $4.25/gallon – was reason for one to turn to the other and say “Merry Christmas” in jest… even in April.
(kinda our private ‘slug-bug’)

So I opened the envelope.
Four tickets to the Capital One Bowl – Georgia and Michigan State!
“Merry Christmas, honey!  Here are some tickets to the biggest game in town! Have fun with our son and two of your best friends…….”

Capital one bowl 2009

What do you say to a gift like that?
Just be ready to massage her feet later.

The seats were perfect.
The weather was partly cloudy and 74 deg.
We sat in shade until middle of  the fourth quarter.
The Bulldogs won handily.
The end.


Afterwards, I came home, thanked my wife – she looked a little tired…

There was only one request…
Rub my feet…please?
Gladly!  For a wife such as this, it was the least that I could do.

I love my wife… period!

(C) Alan Mowbray

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